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Moving Toward Release

Our ultimate goal is to move birds every day towards release. The last step in the rehabilitation process is getting birds into a flight cage so that they can exercise every day and build up flight muscles and be successful in the wild.

With owls, their ability to fly silently is what we look for in this stage of recovery. For hawks and eagles, their wings must be strong and support the aggressive hunting nature of the animal. Two new facilities have enabled the rehabilitation team at Carolina Raptor Center to both be more successful in this last stage and to easily observe that birds are doing what they need to get back into the wild.

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Creating Friendly Habitats for the Birds

Creating habitat that is raptor friendly is key to our mission of raptor conservation. Habitat loss is a major factor in the decline of many of these species. We’re helping our community by connecting them to resources to make their homes and their land more raptor friendly.