Consulting Services


Consulting from the Raptor Center helps you set goals for your organization, your staff and each ambassador bird in your collection. Once these goals are set, the consulting team provides written recommendations to streamline processes, guide daily work and overcome obstacles with your birds. 

Onsite consultation can include observation and feedback for training sessions, evaluation of ambassador birds and staff, enclosure set up and feedback on husbandry practices. 

In addition to providing individual hands-on training for staff, the Raptor Center can provide a customized curriculum of classes to dive deeper into specific subjects of interest.   

Organizations will come away with a written plan for meeting your goals as well as tools for improving your staff’s skill set and the quality of life of your entire collection.  

Want to know more?  

Contact Director of Birds Kristin Dean at [email protected].


Our Certified Professional Bird trainers (CPBT-KA) can introduce or refine your positive reinforcement training techniques to move you and your organization beyond traditional training methods. Our instruction focuses on using the most positive, least intrusive methods to allow animals to reach their highest potential.  

  • Science of behavior change  
  • Food management  
  • Bird behavior  
  • Voluntary husbandry behaviors  
  • Training for educational programming  
  • Empowerment training  

Raptors have unique adaptations that require specialized care. Strengthening your husbandry practices can help you provide your raptors with exceptional welfare. Our team has extensive experience with 35 species of raptors and provides guidance on the following topics: 

  • Perching and enclosure design  
  • Beak and talon care  
  • Capture and restraint  
  • Equipment  
  • Diet and nutrition  
  • Enrichment 

All of our consulting engagements begin with a complimentary 30-minute Zoom meeting to learn about you, your facility, and what you hope to gain from your consultation. After the introductory meeting, our staff will provide you with a written proposal of what we can offer you and what that will cost. Pricing is based on your organization’s needs and experience. Hourly and daily rates are available.