Raptor Center Consultants


Kristin Dean, CPBT-KA, is the Director of Birds at the Raptor Center. She has been working with birds, primarily raptors, for over 16 years. Currently, Kristin oversees the Raptor Rehabilitation Program and Resident Animal Programs at the Raptor Center. Her experience in rehabilitating, training, and caring for raptors has resulted in a depth of raptor specific knowledge. She has worked alongside Avian Veterinarians and has performed thousands of physical exams, diagnostics, lab work, medical procedures, and necropsies, routine coping, equipment changes, talon trims and feather exams. She uses information gathered from health examinations to improve raptor welfare by suggesting habitat improvements, treatment options, and training plans. Kristin is driven to help improve the welfare of animals in human care. She shares information through CRC seminars, NEI’s TEC Talks, and IAATE papers, presentations, and articles. She currently serves as a general board member on IAATE Board of Directors and serves on the Conservation Committee and Professional Development Committee. 

Colleen Hartman, CPBT-KA, is the Curator of Birds at the Raptor Center. She has been working with a variety of species including raptors and non-raptor birds of prey for over 8 years. Colleen is responsible for the care and management of the entire collection of resident birds at the Raptor Center as well as implementing the most up-to-date training practices. She has experience working with birds of prey in dynamic show settings as well as training foundation behaviors for husbandry and educational presentations. Colleen has been hosting raptor training and husbandry seminars since 2016 and has aided other facilities in their understanding and application of raptor behavior, training, husbandry care, and overall welfare through the teaching of formal classes, workshops, and consultation work.